Bioera S.p.A.: Situazione patrimoniale al 30 novembre 2021 rispettando l’art. 2446 del Codice Civile

Bioera S.p.A. is an Italian company engaged in the production and distribution of organic products, natural cosmetics, and traditional food products. The company operates in two sectors. The organic and natural products sector is involved in the distribution of natural and organic products, production of organic vegetable-based foods, production of organic oil, and distribution of traditional food products, as well as natural cosmetic products. The holding sector provides the company’s activities as a parent company. The company controls entities such as Organic Oils Italia Srl, La Fonte della Vita Srl, KI Group SpA, and Organic Food Retail Srl. In terms of financials, as of November 30, 2021, the company had total assets of €6.2 million and a net loss of €4.5 million.

Bioera S p A : Situazione patrimoniale al 30 novembre 2021 ex art. 2446 del Codice Civile

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