Renewal of Bioera’s Board of Directors discussed in the Administrators’ report.

Bioera S.p.A. has called an Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on March 28, 2022, in first call, and on March 29, 2022, in second call, to discuss and decide on the renewal of the Board of Directors. In a report to the shareholders, the current Board explains that the entire Board had resigned on June 3, 14, and September 21, 2021. The shareholders are therefore called upon to determine the number of members of the new Board, the duration of their appointment, the appointment of the members, the appointment of the President, and the determination of their compensation. The current Board proposes to maintain the number of members at 5, in order to contain governance costs and ensure efficient management of the company. However, if the shareholders decide on a different number of members, the compensation should not exceed €193,000. The duration of the Board’s mandate is proposed to be three years. The appointment of Board members will be based on lists submitted by the shareholders, in accordance with the company’s bylaws and relevant regulations. The lists must be submitted at least 25 days before the meeting, and each candidate should meet the independence requirements. To ensure gender balance, at least one-third of the candidates on each list should be of the underrepresented gender. The lists must include information about the shareholders submitting them and the candidates’ acceptance and qualifications. The lists will be made available to the public at the company’s headquarters and on the Italian Stock Exchange’s website.

Bioera S p A : Relazione Amministratori, secondo punto Ordine del Giorno, rinnovo del Consiglio di Amministrazione.

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