DigiTouch S.p.A: Marketing si rafforza con offerte competitive e nuova governance.

Digitouch Marketing, led by Alessio Angiolillo, aims to meet the evolving market and challenging needs of brands and companies with its new and innovative offering, “Enabling Innovation, Empowering Performance.” The company’s unique selling proposition focuses on brand solutions enabled by innovative thinking and artificial intelligence. This approach combines an innovative and unprecedented technological stack with the expertise and skills of the team. The company’s new offering includes various products that address different brand needs throughout the project lifecycle. These include the Content Engine Platform for content creation, the People Content Platform for influencer and content creator marketing, the Digital Assets Optimization Services for optimizing digital assets, and the Performance Marketing Suite for media and audience segmentation. The value and scalability of these products are ensured by the expertise of professionals and partnerships with important technology players. Alessio Angiolillo, Vice President of Digitouch Marketing, believes that the changing market and opportunities require a rethinking of the company’s vision and offerings. He sees artificial intelligence as an enabler of innovative solutions to meet the complex needs of clients. Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, President of Digitouch, emphasizes the company’s focus on innovation and the integration of technology and expertise to meet clients’ needs. Alessio Angiolillo has extensive experience in digital and mobile marketing and has worked in multidisciplinary organizations, managing business operations and striving for strategic vision and client satisfaction. The company’s vision aims to consolidate its position in the dynamic digital marketing market.

DigiTouch S p A : Marketing consolida il suo posizionamento grazie a un'offerta sempre più competitiva e a una nuova governance

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