Relazione illustrativa sul punto all’ordine del giorno relativo alla delega ex art. 2443 c.c. del Consiglio di Amministrazione di Gequity S.p.A. ai sensi dell’art. 125-ter D.LGS 58/1998.

Gequity S.p.A., a company registered in Milan, has called for an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting to be held on October 16, 2023. The meeting will discuss granting the Board of Directors a mandate, according to Article 2443 of the Civil Code, to increase the share capital by a maximum of €35,000,000. This increase will be carried out through the issuance of new ordinary shares without a nominal value, to be issued within five years of the resolution. The shares will be in dematerialized form and will have the same characteristics as the existing shares, excluding the option rights of the shareholders. The purpose of the capital increase is to raise new financial resources to support the working capital and potential investments for the development of the business. The Board of Directors will determine the terms and conditions of each tranche of the capital increase, including the number and price of the shares to be issued. The exclusion of the option rights is justified by the possibility of attracting new industrial, financial, and strategic partners, as well as institutional investors, who can contribute to the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives. The Board of Directors will exercise the mandate whenever it deems necessary and will inform the market about the terms and conditions of each tranche. The details regarding the issuance and subscription of the new shares will be determined by the Board of Directors, including the price of the shares, which should be based on the net asset value of the company and take into account any stock market trends. At present, there are no agreements for the establishment of guarantee or placement consortia related to the exercise of the mandate. The period for the execution of the capital increase will be five years from the resolution, and the effective date of the new shares will be determined by the Board of Directors for each tranche. The company’s auditors will be informed of the exercise of the mandate.

Gequity S p A : Relazione illustrativa del Consiglio di Amministrazione ai sensi dell'art. 125-ter D.LGS 58/1998 sul punto all'ordine del giorno relativo a delega ex art. 2443 c.c.

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