Nocivelli ABP incrementa il backlog a €800 mln

Nocivelli ABP, an ESCo Company specializing in the implementation of technological systems and facility management services, has updated its backlog to approximately €800 million as of today, with a maximum duration extending to 2033.

Out of this amount, around €300 million is related to contracts for the execution of projects and the provision of services within the next three years.

The order portfolio, which was around €650 million at the end of March 2023, is composed of both the acquisition of new contracts and the extension and renegotiation of existing contracts, ensuring long-term value generation even in the presence of uncertain economic and geopolitical factors.

Among the most recent awards are some contracts with Terna, for which Nocivelli ABP is an official supplier. Additionally, in June, the company announced the successful bidding of three public tenders, concluded in Temporary Business Associations with Pavoni. The combined value of these three contracts, two of which fall under projects planned within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), amounts to over €50 million.

Nocivelli ABP aggiorna al rialzo il backlog a €800 mln – FinanzaOnline

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