Tokenance presenta il digital twin per immobili

Tokenance, an Italian-Swiss company, has shifted its focus exclusively to web3 after initially being involved in crypto. According to CEO Fulvio Magni, their revenue streams include SaaS platforms, white-label software, and marketing services utilizing web3 technologies.

One of their SaaS platforms, Unikquo, allows users to buy and sell both phygital objects (real objects with a corresponding digital twin) and NFTs. Tokenance presents it as a web3 e-commerce platform that is flexible and can be used by users without a digital wallet. The platform is also available in white-label mode for organizations that prefer direct management of operations on these digital products.

Another platform being launched by the company is Re-twin, which enables anyone to build a digital twin of real estate properties. Magni explains that this product will be launched at an event in Lugano and expects it to be well-received in the market as it helps real estate professionals store information, develop new services, and apply new marketing strategies.

Tokenance lancia il digital twin per i prodotti immobiliari

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