Sciopero UAW potrebbe dare a GM tempo per risolvere problemi auto elettriche

General Motors (GM) is at a higher risk than its rivals Ford Motor and Stellantis of disruptions in electric vehicle (EV) production due to a prolonged strike by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. While Ford and Stellantis are focused on introducing new models with internal combustion engines this fall, GM is concentrating on EVs, with plans to launch or increase production of at least five new models. However, GM has been facing difficulties in its EV operations, including battery production and supply chain issues. A longer strike could potentially help GM address and resolve some of these ongoing problems. However, analysts suggest that a strike would not be favorable for GM and could result in significant financial losses. The strike may also affect GM’s operations in Canada and Mexico, hindering EV production in those countries as well. Nevertheless, a longer strike could give GM additional time to address its technical and operational issues related to EVs.

Un lungo sciopero dell'UAW potrebbe far guadagnare tempo a GM per risolvere gli annosi problemi dei veicoli elettrici

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