Verra, leader globale nella certificazione di progetti internazionali legati all’ambiente.

Nestlè, Gucci, Shell, EasyJet and even the rock band Pearl Jam have joined the Redd+ (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries) scheme, a project created to help developing countries reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation. Ten years after Redd+ was launched, it has been discovered that about 94% of the projects certified by Verra are “ghost credits” and do not represent actual carbon reductions.

The voluntary carbon market, created to allow companies to offset their emissions with anti-deforestation projects, is in crisis. Ten years ago, after the United Nations climate conference in Warsaw, many large multinational companies joined the Redd+ scheme. This program offers companies the opportunity to invest in carbon credits to offset their environmental impact. Through the carbon credit purchasing system, companies reduce their CO2 footprint.

For every ton of negative emissions, which are inevitable for large companies, credits can be purchased that allow multinational corporations to label themselves as “green”. These labels are particularly important in marketing strategies, so the economic interest in obtaining carbon credits is functional to climate protection.

This means that some multinational companies have been able to…

Verra, il principale fornitore mondiale che certifica i progetti internazionali legati alle…

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