Prysmian, Tim e banche in evidenza a Piazza Affari

Situation of European Stock Exchanges

European stock exchanges are showing uncertainty as traders are cautious and focused on future central bank rate cuts in 2024. Despite some members of the Fed dampening enthusiasm for potential cuts, the market remains uncertain.

Prysmian: New Organizational Structure

Prysmian Group has officially launched a new organizational structure aimed at achieving long-term growth and sustaining the company’s leadership in the industry. The new structure will be operational from January 1, 2024, with four new business segments: Transmission, Power Grids, Electrification, and Digital Solutions. The matrix organizational structure aims to maintain the company’s close proximity to local markets and customers while pursuing regional and global synergies.

Changes in Leadership and Regions

There are also changes in leadership in the nine regions where the company operates, as well as corporate promotions to support the new structure.

Telecom Italia: Impact of Iliad-Vodafone Affair

Telecom Italia is taking a pause after the recent Iliad-Vodafone affair, which has sparked speculation about potential consolidation in the telecommunications market and its potential impact on Telecom Italia.

Increased M&A Activity

There is renewed interest in mergers and acquisitions, both in Europe and the United States, signaling a potential revival of M&A activities in a stable interest rate environment.

Banks and ECB’s SREP

The banking sector is in focus following the publication of the ECB’s supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP) for 2023 and its surveillance priorities for 2024-26. Despite the sector’s overall solidity, weak macroeconomic prospects and tightening financing conditions remain sources of risk for European banks.

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